Spring core, cold foam. – Which mattress suits me?

19 Mar

The innerspring type

When looking for a sleeping pad, the lowest possible price is your top priority. Preferably sleep on the stomach or back. When sleeping, you do not like it when you sink deep into the mattress – you like to lie a little tighter.

You are the born innerspring type. When buying a spring mattress, you should make sure that it offers different lying areas and does not rebound when testing.

The pocket spring type

You have a high body weight or are prone to heavy sweating at night. In your sleep, you turn frequently, meaning you sleep on your stomach or back, sometimes on your side. They are preferably not very soft, but not too tight.

  • If you encounter several of these points, then you should buy a pocket spring mattress. The more springs per m2 are processed, the firmer the mattress and the more precisely it can adapt to the body contour.

The cold foam type

They have a body weight between 40kg and 90kg (some XXL mattress models are suitable up to 180kg) and sleep rather restless or often change your sleeping position. They do not like to sink deep into the mattress and prefer to be medium to medium hard.

  • Does this description suit you best? Then a cold foam mattress is ideal for you. Each cold foam mattress is available in different degrees of hardness. Mostly the manufacturer gives a weight recommendation for each degree of hardness. In general, the higher the degree of hardness, the stronger the mattress.

The viscous foam type

They prefer to sleep on the side (stomach and supine are also possible). Your body weight is between 50kg and 130kg. You want the perfect body adaptation for a “weightless” sleep without any tangible contact or pressure points. They suffer from back problems. They sleep rather quietly and only occasionally turn around. Explore through our website for the best collection of rooms to go tempurpedic mattress sale.

  • You have found many matches? Then Viscoschaum is the right choice for you. A visco foam mattress always consists of a cold foam core with Visco foam cover. The higher this edition, the better the memory effect of the thermoplastic mattress – but then the more difficult is the turning around, as you sink deeper into the mattress.